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Crisis Killer Affiliates

Grand Launch Day: October 1st 2015

hi guys..

One OF The Best Binary Robots In History! (if not THE best one :)

Great to have you here and ready to bring out our best ever developed binary robot to the world :)

il skip right to the points that will be of interest to you.. we have all loads of work so let``s get to it shall we?

it is a binary robot that is easy to install (comes preinstalled) but will leave you breathless

  • PROOF of money (100,000 eur photographed with msg "WE WILL DOUBLE IT")
  • PROOF of deposit (with signed brokerage letter) signed and verified.
  • PROOF of Wire transfer to Brokerage (in video & in screenshots) to kill all doubts!
  • Proof of live account trading! (all trades documented and proven.. in under 2 months 100k eur generated!
  • PROOF of witdrawal (including video) again.. unfucking.. unbelievable!

Up to 100 % comission for you!

That's right, this bot was originally planned to be an in-house only product. We figured this would increase our subscribers responsiveness to our lists (a powerful gift) but soon came to realize it was just too good to not share. Especially since we'd already invested thousands into a killer comic video... follow up script and additional script technology.

YOU KNOW GUYS WE ALWAYS DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY! A little twist, a little change.. live proof and and to make sure we convert to the moon and back.. for all of us.

It would be unfair to not let you in.. seriously :)

The comission plan is staked like this:

You Get $250 CPA!

now thats a contest thats worth it right?

Make Your Aff Account look like this:

Top 3 Prizes:
We will send a full blast to our ultra responsive 200k list for your desired promo... all you have to do is climb into the top 3 in our aff sales leaderboard. This is the hottest list in all of Forex right now and it could be backing your product! You support us, we'll more than repay the favour ;)

Your lists are going to LOVE you for it...

The bonus cash additional of clicksure money will be paid in full just 30 days after the initial sale (refunds will be few and far between since the bot will be deactivated upon refunding. You'll receive this via paypal or wire transfer

Are you KIDDING ME? 100,000 EUR ?

This Robot DOUBLED a eur 100,000 account..
We show the account from the first trade through to the withdrawel of profits... it's an absolute killer! There no backtest BS here... just an efficient converting superbot sold at a modest $39... a real no brainer.

NO PRELAUNCH! (in the common sense)

We're making sales not right away but heat everyoen up for just 2 days... no full pre-launch needed...Peoples attention spans became smaller and smaller..ther is no need to hit your lists for weeks and getting no cash in return.. its tons of hops and tons of sales here. The doors open 9th of july it's guarenteed to convert like hell!

Heres is a screenshot and video preview for you :)

It's super simple to setup with just a few clicks... moderately priced to ensure a ton of sales as it's worth 10x the selling price at least! Talk about true value for little money!

EPIC EPC Guaranteed!

Don`t delay jump aboard and give me a skype hug! Id love to help you setup and get going with this baby :)

skype id: steve25m

Youl will ADORE IT!.. its a win win win situation.. quality blow your fricking mind product... quality sales, happy customers.. what else could a good networker ask for?

PS: go for 1000 sales and take it all.. Deep down we hope you stop by 999 to give us a little for our troubles ;)

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Prelaunch Swipe

Hey [fname],

Yesterday I sent you a link to a money making script, the so called crisiskiller


Since the pretense of an ea that doubles 100,000 eur (or so the image claims) is pretty alluring for all of us I needed to investigate and came up with some more info..

Apparently the guy whos coming from austria, a little country next to germany, deposited 100,000 eur into the brokerage myfxchoice and doubled this ammount in under 3 months .. the doubling claims we read countless times and thats not the astonishing fact.

The thing is its 100,000 eur real money and it seems hes doing it all over again this time live for lal of us to follow..

He even posted a brokerage signed documents were the brokerage testifies recipt of 100,000 eur..

here it is

And it seems much more is to come.. the websites clock is ticking down.. less than 24 hours to the big unveiling..


Im excited, hope you too. It was about time someone upped the game in forex :)

Your friend

SWIPE Grand Launch Day
Postlaunch Swipe
Postlaunch Swipe

Hey again! you really need to see this message about the new crisis killer app.

Maybe you have heard of it somewhere and quickly dispatched it as some sort of binary options scam but let me tell you.. this isn't. In fact people are making money left and right.. have a look,

enable images to see it:

=> Click to watch here [LINK]

You know guys, there are not many people that put their money where their mouth is .. and this Austrian geek Thomas is one of them.

This guy literary put 100k Euro on his account just to see it double over the matter of month.

=> Click to see [LINK]

I'm sure you will love it and it really works!